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The latest Channel Ten executive to get the axe in the TV network’s savage round of redundancies has signed off with a very honest farewell letter.

Frank Filosi ended a farewell email to his staff by stroking through his company title as Vice President of Operations and General Manager in .

And he also crossed out the Paramount logo and sub-brands in his email signature in what one workmate called a ‘blatant “F*** you” to Ten’.

But Mr Filosi dismissed the speculation and insisted to Daily Mail Australia: ‘Not at all – far from it.I love this company – merely no longer an employee.’

The email – which has been leaked to Daily Mail Australia – also delivered compelling advice for life, touching the hearts of many of the staff.

Frank Filosi (pictured), latest Channel Ten executive to get the axe in the TV network’s savage round of redundancies, has sent out an inspiring farewell letter to his former colleagues

Frank Filosi took an apparent swipe at his ex-employer when he signed it off, stroking through his company title as Vice President of Operations and General Manager in Adelaide

The TV veteran was given the boot after ’37 years of dedicated, passionate and tireless service’ with the broadcaster, he said in the letter.

‘Having my position and areas of responsibility restructured out of the business is not the way I thought or chose my career at Network 10 to end,’ Filosi told staff.

‘I depart with my head held extremely high and very proud, of all the hard work and good things I have achieved.’

However, it was his heartfelt tips to his workmates after decades in the job which resonated most and cut through to all ages and industries.

‘Prioritise your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family, friends and loved ones,’ he wrote.’This should and must always be your primary focus.

‘Put yourself and the important people in your life first, as in the end, nothing else matters, and there is nothing more important.

‘Jobs, positions, careers, good times and the not-so-good times, come and go but the people who are closest to you and need you, deserve you being there for them all the time, EVdEN eVE naKliYAt not just some of the time.

‘You are of little use to your loved ones if you are not the best possible version of yourself – I have always lived this way and have never had any regrets and have never missed out on the important moments or been left wondering.

‘Remember, you own and control your life, not someone else.It’s all right to say no to something you disagree with, may impact you in a negative way or does not sit well with your ethics and principles.

‘Poor decisions will haunt you and mess with your wellbeing.

Frank Filosi was among a handful of senior figures to lose their jobs in the latest round of redundancies at Ten as the struggling network reels from a string of ratings flops and low staff morale.(Pictured: the presenting line-up of current affairs show The Project)

He added: ‘Always treat people respectfully and always do the right thing even when no one is looking and even when no one knows. It’s called integrity. 

‘It always stays with you and it goes a long way to defining your character and who you are as a person. 

‘It’s not about self-promotion, it’s about caring for those you are responsible for and being a good decent person. Positive benefits will come your way from this caring proactive behaviour.

‘Life is what you make it, in everything you do.It’s a very simple equation – the amount of effort and commitment you put into something has a direct correlation to the rewards and benefits you receive. 

‘Effort In = Rewards Out – You get nothing for free, so don’t expect it!Always be positive. There are always people far worse off than you. 

‘Get moving and make things happen. Don’t wait for someone else to sort your career out for you. Decide what you want and go and get it, wherever that may be. 

‘There are no problems in life only challenges (some are huge but they are still only challenges) and maintaining a positive attitude towards your challenges will determine how you deal with them and evDEN evE nAKLiyat their outcome.’

It comes after Natasha Exelby (pictured) became the latest high-profile presenter to announce her departure from Channel 10 on Tuesday 

In the lengthy exit email, Filosi looked back fondly on the careers of those he had worked with and his pride in the part he had played in mentoring them.

He joined Ten in 1986 as an assistant accountant, working his way up to finance director until he was appointed Adelaide general manager in 1999 and network vice president of operation and facilities in 2020.

‘I have had an amazing time throughout my career at Network 10, with so many different and exciting positions, opportunities, responsibilities, achievements and both business and personal milestones along the way,’ he said.

‘However, I’m not one to dwell, so onwards and upwards.When you loved this post and you would love to receive more information concerning EvDEN eve NaKliyaT generously visit our website. Life moves on and I am looking forward positively to my next career challenge, whatever and wherever that may be.’

A spokesperson for Paramount ANZ said of Mr Filosi: ‘His unwavering enthusiasm, professionalism and committed leadership has been instrumental in South Australia, not to mention nationally.

‘Frank has led the teams through major change and has been instrumental in preparing for significant operation and technology innovations that has taken the business to the next level.

‘We would like to sincerely thank Frank for his professionalism, integrity, passion and expertise.

‘He has our warmest thanks for everything he has achieved in the business and the impact he has had on all of us as a colleague and eVden eve naKliyat friend.’

Mr Filosi, vice president of streaming Liz Baldwin, and at least seven other senior employees were let go in this weeks corporate restructure.

Mr Filosi, vice president of streaming Liz Baldwin (pictured), and at least seven other senior employees were let go in this week’s corporate restructure, the AFR reported on Wednesday 

But was not affected, and even scored herself a nice promotion. 

Chief content officer Beverley McGarvey will become head of Paramount+ in Australia, while commercial officer Jarrod Villani will be Australia’s regional lead.

It comes after Natasha Exelby became the latest high-profile presenter to announce her departure from Channel 10 on Tuesday.

Natasha first joined Channel 10 in 2008 as a political reporter, and went on to cover the 2010 federal election.

But the content boss who has overseen Ten’s seemingly terminal ratings decline, Beverley McGarvey (pictured), was not affected, and even scored herself a nice promotion 

She then became a host of the breakfast show Wake Up alongside Natarsha Belling and James Mathison in 2013, but was dropped after three weeks.

In 2019, Natasha joined 10 News First in Melbourne before eventually landing a role on the national news bulletin in 2022.

For evdEn Eve nAkliYAT the last few years, she was also a regular panelist on Studio 10.

Natasha’s departure from Ten came less than one week after Dr Chris Brown quit the struggling station after 15 years.

The 44-year-old signed a deal with Seven and will officially join in July to produce ‘new projects’ for Channel Seven and 7Plus.

Natasha and Chris are the latest in a string of major departures from Ten, following the exits of The Project hosts Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Helliar.

Senior staff have also been following the on-air talent out the door, including the network’s long-serving publicity boss Sarah ‘SJ’ Johnson.

 the station feels like ‘a sinking ship’ and the workplace is ‘lacking direction and morale’ – although network reps insist Ten’s parent company Paramount Global is in good financial shape.

Natasha’s departure from Ten came less than one week after Dr Chris Brown (pictured) quit the struggling station after 15 years

‘There are going to be a lot more resignations to come…Ten feels a bit like a sinking ship,’ one staffer told Daily Mail Australia, adding that morale had been on a critical slide ‘for some time’.

‘It feels kind of rudderless. Like there’s not a lot of direction and the network can’t seem to figure out exactly what it wants to be.’

Adding to the general discontent is the network’s hit-and-miss programming which leans heavily on reality TV formats, another staffer said.

‘Some like Survivor and, at a pinch, MasterChef, work but a lot of them don’t,’ the source said.’There seems to be so much that bombs.’

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