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The Centers for evdeN evE nAKLiyAt Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) team studying the health impacts of the fell ill themselves during the investigation.

Seven of the team suffered sore throats, evDeN EVe NakliyAt headaches, coughing and nausea in early March — the same symptoms experienced by residents following the train derailment on February 3, evDen EVe naKLiyAt which released a toxic soup of chemicals into East Palestine and beyond.

The government investigators were  in the area to determine the effects on residents’ health.

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) insist the air quality in the area is safe, but evidence to the contrary is mounting, as scientists from  A&M and Carnegie Mellon University found the air contained ‘higher than normal’ concentrations of .

The chemicals on the board the train were vinyl chloride, eVden evE NAkLiYAt butyl acrylate, benzene residue, glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene

Ayla Antoniazzi told CNN: ‘I did allow my four-year-old to return to preschool, which is in the East Palestine Elementary School.If you liked this information and you would certainly like to receive more information relating to evdeN EvE NaKliyAT kindly go to our own website. She went back for two days and

The team began to feel better once they exited East Palestine, the CDC official told CNN.

In a separate incident in February, two EPA contractors working at the site reported symptoms linked to strong odors. They were told to leave the area and their symptoms eased, so they went back to work at the site the same day.

The community ACE (after chemical exposure) survey has been taken by 514 residents via a healthcare provider or at the Ohio Department of Health’s Assessment Clinic in East Palestine.

The clinic offered free health checks for people affected by the disaster and Gov. Mike DeWine announced last week it would stay open permanently.

Wade Lovett, 40, has suffered breathing difficulties and his previously low voice now sounds high-pitched and squeaky. He has had to go off work sick as a result

A giant plume of smoke from the aftermath of the incident could be seen from miles away

The top four symptoms reported in the survey were: headache (74 percent), anxiety (61 percent), coughing (53 percent) and fatigue (53 percent).

Half of residents also reported a stuffy nose and irritated or burning skin.

Residents have been reporting symptoms ever since the derailment occurred at the start of the month.

Wade Lovett, evDEN eve NAkLiYAt 40, claims he has developed a high-pitched, Michael-Jackson-like voice and trouble breathing since the chemical incident. 

He told DailyMail.com the problem ‘just keeps getting worse and worse’.

Mr Lovett, an auto detailer, was previously in good health but has developed a high-pitched, Michael-Jackson-like voice and trouble breathing since the chemical incident.

He said that a couple of days after the derailment, his voice started to sound like Mickey Mouse. 

He said: ‘I started feeling different and coughing and I’ve been like this [with a high-pitched voice] ever since. My chest hurts, my eyes hurt, they burn, they water.’

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