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The estranged boy toy husband of Phil Collins’s ex-wife Orianne Bates has asked a court to throw her in jail over unpaid bills for evDeN EVE naKLiYAt his leased $340,000 Aston Martin, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

Former male escort Thomas Bates, 33, has filed a motion in their demanding Orianne, 49, is incarcerated for nearly six months for contempt because she failed to make up overdue lease payments after being ordered to pay by the judge – and instead jetted off to Europe.

His attorney alleges the former wife of retired pop legend Phil, 72, has ‘not paid a penny’ and continues to ‘thumb her nose’ at Broward County Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale, .

‘Instead of complying with the Court’s order, Wife flew to Paris and then jetted to Switzerland for the holidays, posting extremely “filtered” photographs of herself and eVdEn Eve NakliYaT her children all over the internet, proudly displaying her carefree lifestyle,’ Bates’s attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht wrote.

‘Simultaneously herewith, Husband is filing a Motion for Writ for Issuance of a Writ of Bodily Arrest…’

Former male escort Thomas Bates, 33, has filed a motion in his bitter divorce battle demanding Orianne, 49, is incarcerated for eVdeN eVe nAkLiyaT nearly six months for contempt

The attorney adds in the new filing: ‘Husband requests that Wife be held in Contempt and that she be incarcerated in the Broward County jail for one hundred and seventy nine (179) days or until further order of this Court or until she pays the purge amount totally the full amount past due on the Aston Martin.’

Court records show Orianne has been ordered four times to make up the payments on the 2021 supercar, which she has previously demanded Bates returns because of her ‘dire financial straits’.

It has a James Bond-style TB 007 license plate and costs an incredible $6,594.40 a month to lease, according to legal documents obtained by DailyMail.com.

The jail threat is the latest twist in the saga that saw the couple wed in secret in Las Vegas in August 2020 while Orianne was still living with rocker Phil at his oceanfront mansion in Miami Beach ­- but split spectacularly just 16 months later.

Bates’s attorney alleges Orianne has ‘not paid a penny’ and instead flew to Paris 

Former tribute band guitarist Bates, who failed in his bid for a music career in Los Angeles before his secret nuptials, claims he was forced to sign the car lease at a Miami dealership and that Orianne had promised to make the payments.

But the battle of the Aston Martin is just from both sides in a divorce fight now entering its 15th month.

And as the warring couple continue to wrangle over assets, DailyMail.com can reveal the spectacular spending of Orianne as certified in her own court documents.

The Swiss-born jewelry designer bagged a $47million payout from Genesis legend Phil in their 2008 divorce.But she lost a bid for half his $40million Miami Beach mansion after reuniting with him in 2015 – then astonishingly setting up home there with Bates before the couple were evicted.

During their stay, Orianne publicly splurged on gifts for her new husband as they drove around Miami in her leased Bentley, stopping off at exclusive stores in the city’s Design District.

And the lavish spending continued after the couple moved into a waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale in December 2020.

Bates claims Orianne insisted he lease a $340,000 Aston Martin for $6,500 per month because she wanted him to be like James Bond.It even had license plates with the number TB 007. But now he’s suing her over unpaid bills for the car 

Bates’s attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht wrote in their filing: ‘Instead of complying with the Court’s order, Wife flew to Paris and then jetted to Switzerland for the holidays, posting extremely “filtered” photographs of herself and her children all over the internet, proudly displaying her carefree lifestyle’

Orianne has been ordered four times to make up the payments on the 2021 supercar, which she has previously demanded Bates returns because of her ‘dire financial straits’

Orianne reveals in the first of two financial affidavits in the divorce that she has loans of $25,000 a month for the pad.

She also said she spent $60,000 a month on clothes, $25,000 a month on vacations and $6,900 a month on ‘grooming’ – with total monthly outgoings of $285,746.

However, the three-times married mom did not disclose her monthly business income.Instead, she stated she gets $5,000 a month from selling clothes and jewelry online.

Orianne paid $5.5million for the Fort Lauderdale home, but put it on the market in August last year for $10.95million after Bates moved out months before.However, it has failed to sell and on Monday she dropped the price to $8.9million.

The spectacular six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home with a stunning pool is financed with a $3million loan from Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, the legal papers reveal.

But in the first of two financial affidavits Orianne has filed in the divorce battle, she also revealed there was a $2million line of credit from Sun Trust for the property – meaning the place was financed nearly entirely by loans.

In that first affidavit in April 2022, EVDeN eVE NAkliYaT she said her monthly outgoings included:

  • Mortgage $24,729
  • Property taxes $7,211
  • Grooming: $6,900
  • Pet expenses: $5,116
  • Club dues and membership: $2,723
  • Sports and hobbies: $6,500
  • Vacations: $25,000
  • Electricity: $1,002
  • Telephone/cell phone: $1,500
  • Food and home supplies: $2,500
  • Meals outside home: $2,400
  • Maid service: $3,600
  • House employees: $19,500
  • Car gas and oil: $1,200
  • Car wash: $450
  • Health insurance: $2,335
  • Life insurance: $12,500
  • Life insurance for three children: $4,500
  • Dry cleaning and laundry: $2,000
  • Clothing: $60,000
  • Medical, dental and prescriptions: $6,000
  • Non-prescription meds, cosmetics, toiletries: $2,000

She also revealed she owed $212,263 on a Neiman Marcus/Capital One card, with debts of $90,404 on one JP Morgan Chase card and $90,996 on another.

In an amended financial affidavit filed in July 2022, EVDeN eVE naKLiYAt she reduced many of those figures, but still came up with total monthly expenses of $146,555.

Orianne later testified she had further drastically reduced her outgoings to $6,000 a month, according to a summary by Judge Natasha DePrimo in the most recent ruling over the Aston Martin on January 13.

Bates’s attorney had cited Orianne’s higher amount in the latest enforcement bid.

And Judge DePrimo said in her summary: ‘She (Orianne) testified that they are now $6,000 per month, but no specific evidence was introduced substantiating the $140,000 reduction in expenses….

‘The court finds that there was insufficient evidence presented as to the Wife’s inability to pay and maintain the status quo.’


DailyMail.com can reveal the spectacular spending of Orianne, including a monthly mortgage payment of $24,729, house employees for $19,500 and $60,000 in clothing 

Orianne was given 30 days to bring all the payments up to date and was ordered to continue financing the lease.

DailyMail.com Orianne picked up Bates from a male escort site where he advertised himself as a ‘sexy intellectual, with degrees in philosophy and political science.

But once she moved him into rock star Phil’s mansion their fiery relationship saw her physically assault her new husband ‘on several occasions’ – once threatening to cut off his ‘private parts’, according to court documents.

Orianne picked up Bates from a male escort site where he advertised himself as a ‘sexy intellectual, with degrees in philosophy and political science’

Bates was on the books of a company called Cowboys 4 Angels, using the name Ryan, while he was in Los Angeles, after moving from Florida to try to make it in the music business.

But he headed back to his home state when things didn’t work out as planned.It is understood the couple had their first meeting at an exclusive five-star hotel in Miami Beach.

On the Cowboys 4 Angels website, ‘Ryan in Los Angeles’ was touted as ‘the classic, charismatic Los Angeles gentleman, who is definitely guaranteed to exceed your expectations and show you an unforgettable experience!’

He was pictured sporting designer stubble and showing off his tanned six-pack with an open plaid shirt and with one hand behind his head.

‘Originally from the east coast, this sexy intellectual is well-educated, having obtained collegiate degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, further reinforcing his ability to thrive in social and formal situations requiring stimulating, impressive and thought-provoking conversation,’ continued the blurb.

‘Ryan currently works as a personal trainer and musician… some of Ryan’s main interests include art, fashion, traveling and live music.’

Orianne – whose maiden name is Cevey – was living with Collins when she allegedly selected Bates after he had returned to Florida, where court papers suggest he was still working as an escort.

Bates’s legal team revealed how they first got together in answers to Orianne’s divorce petition.

‘At the time the parties met, Husband was employed by an escort service,’ they wrote.

‘The Wife selected Husband through the escort service and insisted on dating him.If you have any concerns pertaining to where and just how to utilize evden EVe NAkLiYAT, you can call us at our page. The parties’ relationship rapidly progressed into a meaningful romantic relationship. Wife persuaded Husband to leave the escort service to marry her.’

‘Husband moved from California to Florida on or about July 2020 and rented an apartment in Delray Beach, Florida.After the parties married, Wife insisted that Husband leave the sanctuary of his Delray apartment and move into the Collins residence in Miami with Wife.

‘The Wife clearly understood that Husband’s life would be turned upside down and the Husband and Wife would be sued by Phil Collins once Husband moved into the Collins residence.’

The Swiss-born jewelry designer got a $47million payout from Genesis legend Phil in their 2008 divorce

Bates claims he received the alleged threat to slice off his genitals after returning to the couple’s new Fort Lauderdale mansion from spending Thanksgiving 2021 with his parents at their home in nearby Lighthouse Point.

He arrived to find Orianne had ‘secretly removed’ his clothes and other possessions and he asked for them back.

‘Wife, who has a ferocious temper, threatened Husband with bodily harm (by cutting off his private parts) when he asked for his clothes and personal property’, said his filing.

‘The Wife, who has earned a 3rd degree black belt designation and is trained in boxing, previously physically assaulted Husband on several occasions prior to separation. On one occasion, Husband had to scream for the housekeeper to help him exit the house to avoid Wife’s assault.

‘Husband voluntarily vacated the marital residence for his safety.’

Orianne’s attorneys have attacked Bates during the battle, writing: ‘The Husband has not only syphoned funds from the Wife, but the Wife is now heavily encumbered and has limited cash flow.She has been relying on assets to meet expenses.

‘Unfortunately the Wife has hit the wall.’

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