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Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Mixon’s sister Shalonda has been indicted and arrested along with her boyfriend in relation to a shooting at the NFL player’s property on February 6 but no charges have been filed against the running back. 

Shalonda Mixon and Lamonte Brewer have both been indicted for tampering with evidence.They have also been separately indicted for obstructing justice, and felonious assault and heaving weapons under disability, respectively. 

Brewer, according to the prosecutor, used a Zastava pistol, shooting 10 or 11 rounds. Ms.Mixon was arrested at an Anderson Township home Thursday, .

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said in a release that Ms.Mixon was picking up shell casings before fleeing with Lamont from the scene. 

‘Caught on surveillance video trying to pick up shell casings before Police got there allegedly,’ Paolello wrote on Twitter. ‘Her boyfriend is accused of being the one who fired the shots.’ 

 police were called to the home of former Oklahoma star in response to a shooting which resulted in a minor injury to a juvenile, who was reportedly hospitalized.

Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Mixon’s sister, Shalonda (left) has been arrested in relation to the shooting that took place at the NFL star’s property (pictured right Joe Mixon, and center, his mother Alisa)

A security shoot of the back yard of the Mixon property on

Powers said at a Thursday press conference that Mixon was seen carrying his legally-owned gun on surveillance footage but did not fire a shot. 

According to a statement by Mixon’s agent Peter Schaffer, the Cincinnati stud has faced a barrage of threats after his address was released to the public. 

‘Joe became the victim of multiple threats of physical harm and harassment on social media and at his residence in Cincinnati,’ Schaffea neighbor’s claim that a gun was fired from Joe Mixon’s residence at high school teens who were playing ‘Nerf wars’ alongside his property, but it’s unclear who pulled the trigger.  

Schaffer’s statement says Mixon stopped a person from discharging a firearm. 

‘He witnessed an individual carrying what appeared to be a rifle racing directly towards his property as the individual continued to bark instructions.When another individual discharged a firearm, Joe interceded to stop the person discharging a firearm. 

‘It is now understood that the young adults were playing a game which involves running around neighborhoods performing paramilitary movements with plastic guns designed to look like real weapons.’

According to a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office incident report obtained by TMZ , several juveniles were playing a game called ‘dart wars’ with toy Nerf-style guns near the property when the shooting occurred

In the report police say that two of the teens participating in the game allege that the one of the other players, a 16-year-old boy, had run alongside the house with the toy gun when he was shot at with a real firearm (pictured)

Shalonda and a 34-year-old man were reportedly in a black Honda Accord that was spotted leaving the property shortly after the shooting took place